CWM Spain



Exion is a 27 y.o cosplayer from Spain who has been cosplaying since 2010. For him, this hobby started as it remains today: an artistic way to dress up as his favorite characters while he has fun with his friends at conventions. From Shrek’s Charming Prince to Majora’s Mask’s Skull Kid, his variety of costume ideas always aim to perform on stage, being the spanish representative at World Cosplay Summit 2022 (stage and video division, winning Sound Award at finals); World Cosplay Summit 2022 Exhibition at Gamers 8 (winning 3rd place at finals); European Cosplay Gathering group 2023 and International Cosplay League duo 2024. Exion can’t wait to visit Portugal to meet the other CWM representatives, make new friends and give a nice show to the Iberanime public!